This is not the official Debian-Desktop project

The official Debian-Desktop project is located at

Using Debian as Desktop System

This site offers binary and source packages for the stable and testing Debian distribution running as desktop systems.

The packages provided by this site are unofficial.

The packages provided on this site may cause trouble when upgrading to official Debian packages.

I try to keep updates possible without trouble.

New repository layout

I am now using debian-desktop as repsoitory section. If you want to install use

 apt-get -t debian-desktop install <packagename>

Updated GPG Key

The old key was expired. Please fetch again the gpg key and import the key using apt-key.

There is now secure apt config starting with KDE 4.2.1 repository

fetch gpg key from server


import into apt

 sudo apt-key add ./debian-desktop.org_2011.key

Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze + KDE 4.6 Live ISO Images

There are live iso-images available for download:

The actual packages

KDE 4.6.x (squeeze, amd64, i386, powerpc) with extra packages

 # taken from testing. created according to description
 deb debian-desktop main
 deb-src debian-desktop main

XFce 4.8 (squeeze, i386, amd64)

 deb debian-desktop main
 deb-src debian-desktop main

Actual extensions for sources.list

follow the link to Sources.list for a complete list of apt-repositories.

For browsing the files just go to

Using an Apple PowerBook?

This is a mirror of the PowerBook G4 Linux Kernel configuration website located at


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